Into the limelight: Consilium’s ambitious plans


Into the limelight: Consilium’s ambitious plans

As a broker with a desire to be the best, Consilium’s co-CEOs James Baird and Paul Richards outline how the business has laid the foundation to achieve dramatic growth.

“The best kept secret in Lime Street,” is how the co-chief executive officers of Consilium, James Baird (pictured left) and Paul Richards (pictured right), like to describe the London EC3-based international broking business.

But with 30 percent growth in revenue expected by June 2023, a high profile hiring spree in plain sight and expansion into ever more lines of business, it seems that the cat is well and truly out of the bag. Of course, how stealthy a business that is the international broking re/insurance arm of the Aventum Group, which trades more than $1.5 billion gross written premiums a year with 14 offices globally, can really be is up for debate.

The broker's parent group, which has been “fiercely private” according to Richards, has picked an interesting time to push Consilium into the limelight as the industry faces yet more challenges.

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