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Intelligent Insurer brings together 10 of the most influential leaders from the world of reinsurance to discuss the way forward following the hotly anticipated regulatory changes that will result from the implementation of Solvency II.

What are the key priorities with regard to addressing regulatory change over the next 12 to 18 months?

Wallin: Solvency II and the impending regulatory changes in Europe will have an effect on how insurance and reinsurance companies operate and the levels of capital they need. This will extend beyond Europe because similar initiatives are being pursued by regulators around the globe, partly in order to put in place an equivalent of Solvency II—as is the case in Bermuda, for example.

Regulators in some emerging markets are looking at what is being done in Europe with regard to risk management and riskbased capital—and then seeking to implement similar systems or their own versions of such systems.

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