Less talk, more walk: embracing D&I for real


Less talk, more walk: embracing D&I for real

In a world that is grappling with a war in Europe, the economic fallout of the pandemic and endless political upheaval it can seem like a struggle to keep the D&I agenda where most companies say it should be: front and centre. Intelligent Insurer reports.

In 2022 Intelligent Insurer touched on many aspects of diversity and inclusion (D&I) through a number of insightful and provoking panel discussions, interviews and forewords from industry associations in its 2022 Diversity and Inclusion Report. 

We recognised the leadership, efforts and achievements made by some individuals in supporting and promoting D&I in their organisations and in the wider re/insurance market. Here, we highlight five D&I champions and five D&I initiatives that stood out to us in 2022.

D&I champions

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