Managing innovation around risk


Managing innovation around risk

From the challenge of securing valid insurance in the global marketplace to the need for innovation from insurers, this year’s Airmic conference took a challenging and constructive view of the future of risk. Intelligent Insurer reports.

The need for innovative insurance solutions, the growing difficulty with managing cyber risk and the challenge of managing risk across international borders were high on the agenda at the 2014 Airmic conference, held in Birmingham, June 16 to 18.

The UK’s risk management society’s conference began with addresses from Airmic’s CEO John Hurrell and chairman Chris McGloin, who both highlighted Airmic’s forward-looking focus.

Hurrell spoke on the launch of a new Airmic document, Efficacy of Business Insurance, which covers a range of issues which risk managers and everyone who is advising risk managers should consider in order to ensure policies pay out when required to do so.

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