Market focus: re/insurance trends to watch in 2023


Market focus: re/insurance trends to watch in 2023

From algorithmic underwriting to regulator interest in Europe’s big protection gap, and the potential for a fundamental market rethink, an Intelligent Insurer panel discussed the trends in what could be yet another unprecedented year.

4 key takeaways
• Brokers and underwriters race to compete on algorithmic underwriting
• Growth in resilience-linked product innovation to aid fast-moving classes such as cyber
• Potential for most carriers to have a stock picker versus a market tracker strategy
• ‘Forever rise of ESG’ offers significant opportunity around major infrastructure

A fundamental rethink of how the re/insurance market works, the potential for a dedicated market tracker, and opportunities coming out of the “forever rise of ESG”, are just some of the burgeoning trends to watch out for in 2023 and beyond, according to an Intelligent Insurer panel of experts.

This year’s trends could converge on the very basis of the way the re/insurance market works, and the way lead and follow works, according to Jonathan Prinn (pictured left), chief executive officer, London, Inver Re. And the role of technology will be central.

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