Maximising potential with technology


Maximising potential with technology

Robert Jones, vice president at Maiden Re, tells Intelligent Insurer about the company’s new turnkey umbrella product which will improve accuracy and efficiency, while allowing real-time reporting and around the clock access.

Innovation and technology continue to be driving factors within the re/insurance market, which has encouraged leading players to think more proactively about their offerings to clients.

For Maiden Re, a US-based property and casualty reinsurer, which provides coverage on both an excess of loss and a pro-rata basis, this led to the development of a unique new technology platform, which will increase accuracy and efficiency while providing real-time access to data.

With a focus on regional, specialty-niche, and super-regional insurance companies, Maiden Re’s vice president Robert Jones says that the platform, which allows 24/7 access and real-time reporting, is set to bring ease and confidence to the company’s clients.

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