Miracle grow: Acrisure reveals formula for M&A success


Miracle grow: Acrisure reveals formula for M&A success

Grahame Millwater, president of insurance, Acrisure

But there’s a lot more to the ‘phenomenal growth’ of the global broker than its prolific M&A activity, Grahame Millwater tells Intelligent Insurer.

Global broker Acrisure is growing at “a phenomenal rate” with 132 mergers and acquisitions (M&A) last year and expectations for the firm to buy a similar revenue volume again this year, its president of insurance Grahame Millwater has said. 

“Last year we made 132 acquisitions, this year that number doesn’t matter, but in terms of the actual volume of revenue that we buy, this year it will be fairly similar. 

“It may be that we buy slightly larger firms this year, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s 132, 75 or 100, the driver of those M&A is fundamentally the quality of the firms we can find,” Millwater told Intelligentinsurer.com.

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