Mutual concern


Many European mutuals are feeling uneasy about the repercussions of Solvency II. Intelligent Insurer investigates some of the potential challenges faced by mutuals as they comply with the new regime and some of its unintended consequences.

Whether large or small, Solvency II presents insurers with a challenge. First, there is the organisational and logistical nightmare of complying and finding sufficient resources to complete this task in good time—all while running a business.

Compliance will be costly for any company. It will be even worse for companies with multinational operations, but at least these will tend to be bigger, with greater resources to call upon.

Most mutual insurers, however, are small to medium-sized businesses (SME s). As such, it is easy to see why many are concerned about how the new regulatory regime will affect them and whether they will be able to comply in time.

Mutual insurance, Europe, Solvency II

Intelligent Insurer