Never forget your roots


Never forget your roots

Inga Beale made headlines when she became the first female chief executive in the 325-year history of Lloyd’s. She now has a unique opportunity to move the market’s focus back to its innovative roots in a way that should benefit the entire risk transfer industry, Intelligent Insurer reports.

A close brush with death can change a person’s behaviour and long-term outlook. Studies have shown it makes them more able to live in the present but also often more risk-averse.

The same is true in the corporate world—companies often take much from adversity. It can make them stronger and more focused but also influence their strategy and outlook for many decades to come.

It is perhaps worth remembering this when pondering the strategic direction of Lloyd’s, not a corporate, indeed, but nevertheless a treasured institution bound by and very much part of the corporate world.

Inga Beale, Lloyd's, London, Europe

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