Playing by a new set of rules


Playing by a new set of rules

As chief executive of one of the world’s biggest reinsurance intermediaries, Alex Moczarski must navigate a rapidly changing world of risk transfer. He describes the nature of this evolution to Intelligent Insurer and how Guy Carpenter is looking to play a part in leading the way forward.

The reinsurance industry is changing at such a pace that what was once considered evolution of the industry is rapidly becoming a revolution as sources of capital and risk transfer techniques adapt to new challenges and explore new risks.

That is the view of Alex Moczarski, chief executive officer of Guy Carpenter, reflecting on the challenges and opportunities facing the company and the industry in which it operates.

He notes that business is evolving and the industry continues to see examples of disruption and discontinuity. Moczarski points out that both public and private organisations are affected by issues such as heightened cyber security risk, increased regulation, political and economic uncertainty, low interest rates, currency values, energy price volatility and slow economic growth. In the insurance industry specifically, there are many factors driving change.

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