Run-off: Gazing into the crystal ball


Run-off: Gazing into the crystal ball

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Amid the rapid growth of the run-off market and its changing nature in recent years, some industry practitioners like to predict what the future may hold for the development of this sector. We collated some of these predictions for 2017.

Arndt Gossmann, the former grojup CEO of run-off specialist DARAG, made the following predicitons at the end of 2016. He said these forecasts were framed by the regulatory, political, societal and economic trends facing the industry with change the only certainty for the sector.

Prediction 1: The run-off boom

“For this year, once again, we foresee a new peak,” Gossmann said. “We expect the total volume of non-life run-off deals to reach €8 billion within 2017 and to see the first €1billion run-off transaction that comes from the mid-market. This increase in deals is not surprising given that Europe’s biggest insurers are entering the run-off market all at once.

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