The Banking Report 2011: Serious support


The cornerstone of any good business is often a solid and reciprocal relationship with its bank. And that is very much true in the world of insurance and reinsurance.

Intelligent Insurer spoke to more than 20 experts from the banking, insurance and reinsurance industries to investigate the myriad of ways in which banks support insurers and reinsurers in their operations.

Given that the businesses of insurance and reinsurance are dependent on the constant flow of and availability of money, it is not surprising that the banking industry plays a central and critical role in supporting these industries.

Banks come in many shapes and sizes, but all have the ability to provide essential services to insurers and reinsurers that allow them to remain competitive, efficient and solvent.

Hogan Lovells, Investment banks, Insurers, Reinsurers

Intelligent Insurer