Should governments get involved with cyber protection?


Should governments get involved with cyber protection?

Scott Field, Duck Creek; Jenna McGrath, CyberCube; Ian Simmons, Charterd Insurance Institute

Cyber attacks in the US caused oil pipeline shutdowns and supply chain havoc earlier this year, evidencing the vulnerability of institutions to cyber threats. Is it time governments stepped in to protect the economy?

Just two days after the Colonial Pipeline attack on May 7, 2021, US President Joseph Biden signed an executive order aimed at improving the country’s cybersecurity. The order, which had been months in the making, is aimed at improving the federal government’s efforts to identify, deter, protect against, detect, and respond to these actions and actors.

Collaboration with the private sector and removing contractual barriers so that IT and operational technology service providers can share their knowledge of threats with agencies are high on the agenda.

For Jenna McGrath, senior cyber economist at CyberCube, government involvement on cyber protection is a good idea.

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