Signs of a positive evolution


Signs of a positive evolution

With job placement rates for students at close to 100 percent, more must be done to increase the profile of careers in insurance, says Sean Ramlal of US Reinsurance Under 40s.

Having been involved with the US Reinsurance Under 40s group both as a member and as part of the board for almost a decade, I’ve been able to expand my network a great deal over the years.

With the group targeting at least one event a month, I’d venture to say that I’ve been to close to 100 different educational, social and charitable events—not to mention, educational tours to Bermuda, London, Miami, Zurich, Munich, and Grand Cayman. Throughout all these various networking opportunities, one ice-breaking question is inevitably always asked: “How did you get into the business?”

I had what some may consider a uniquely direct path. I went to St. John’s University, majored in actuarial science, interned at a reinsurance company, and the rest was history. Over the last 
decade, that unique path has become a more common trajectory.

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