Solvency II – the great race: Financial risk software


Alex Bushel

Alex Bushel explains the benefits of Ultimate Risk Solutions’ Risk Explorer™ financial risk software.

Are you looking for the right Dynamic Financial Analysis (DFA) software to comply with Solvency II or to build risk models under an Enterprise Risk Management Programme? If so, you should ask two questions:

  • What is the best DFA software product in the market?
  • Does the software vendor have an agenda other than providing you with a good-quality modelling platform?

Is Risk Explorer™ from Ultimate Risk Solutions, LLC the best DFA on the market? All who use it answer: “Yes.” Does Ultimate Risk Solutions have another agenda? The answer is: “No.” We believe that’s why more insurers, reinsurers and brokers worldwide are licensing our software.

First and most important, Risk Explorer™ outperforms any other DFA modelling software on the market today. Put the URS model up against any of our competitors and you’ll find that it’s faster, easier to learn, more cost-effective and integrates most smoothly with users’ internal systems.

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