Talent tactics: why it pays to unite D&I and talent strategies


Talent tactics: why it pays to unite D&I and talent strategies

For insurers, securing the best talent has always been crucial to gaining the advantage during times of change but, argue two experts from McKinsey, now is the time to tie diversity and inclusion into talent strategies to ride the crest of the wave into the new normal.

Talent strategy has always been important for insurers, but as COVID-19 accelerated the move to remote working and years of digital transformation happened in a matter of weeks and months, talent became essential to lead organisations through these changes.

The right talent strategy is needed to address the changing context and employee needs, say Kweilin Ellingrud, senior partner at McKinsey in Minneapolis, and Elixabete Larrea Tamayo, a partner at the firm in Boston.

“Let’s take remote working as an example,” says Ellingrud. “Before, remote work was used mainly for underwriters, claims and some categories of important talent that were hard to recruit. Now, remote work opens an opportunity to extend that to other types of digital and diverse talent.”

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