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Efficient underwriting, changing regulation and customer service requirements are all contributing factors to the increasing need for new technologies within the insurance sector says Antonio Guzman Rodriguez, president at InMotion GIT.

antonio-guzman-rodriguez-inmotion-git.jpgHow can technology maximise efficiency in the insurance industry?

Today, more than ever, technology presents itself as the great enabler to help the insurance industry meet the present challenges. The market is changing extremely fast, and the concept of an insurance transaction and customer service is completely different from what it was not too long ago.

There is no single reality for all the players in the insurance market. Each player is setting its sight in different segments, and with a very different strategy. The technological challenge is huge: on one side it is imperative for solutions to be flexible and adaptable in order to provide custom policies for high value clients, and on the other side they need to provide speed of service and simplicity for high volume lines of business, especially in retail insurance.

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