The legal elite 2011


As part of our annual legal survey, Intelligent Insurer asked insurance and reinsurance industry executives which lawyers and law firms they lay their trust in. The results give an interesting insight into which law firms lead the market in different specialties.

Reinsurers face a busy couple of years as they work to comply with various regulatory changes around the globe, along with working through catastrophe claims emanating from a particularly active first quarter of 2011.

They require access to the best legal representation and it is obvious from the response to this year’s survey and the closeness of the results that there is no shortage of quality law firms operating in the market.

Whilst there are few surprises in terms of which firms are leading the market, the results suggest that the gap is closing between the main players. A good example of this was the joint result for UK Claims, with Clyde & Co and Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge UK both claiming the top spot.

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