The pick of the bunch


The pick of the bunch

As Asia-based ILS consultant ILS Advisers launches the first fund-of-funds, Stefan Kräuchi, a partner in the company, explains how this new type of fund is expected to attract a flurry of new investors into the rapidly increasing ILS space.

As interest in insurance and risk-linked securities (ILS) continues to grow, new issuers and investors are springing up for the first time, encouraged by the onslaught of new products in the space.

One of these new products, ILS Diversified, the first fund-of-funds which offers investors the opportunity to take a diversified approach to the asset class without requiring them to pick individual funds will, according to ILS Advisers’ Stefan Kräuchi, encourage new investors into the space.

“We believe there are many institutional and qualified private investors who could benefit from investing in ILS but do not have the knowhow and time to do so,” he says. “ILS Diversified will be able to accommodate those investors.”

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