The power of precision


The power of precision

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The leading provider of web-based property valuation solutions, e2Value takes a unique approach to insurance-to-value and collateral value monitoring. Co-founder Todd Rissel explains how it works.

In the late 1990s, e2Value co-founders Todd Rissel and George Moore were working at a high-end personal insurance company. They used the then available technology to study each loss and see how the data the company used could be matched so they had a good level-set for any total loss.

“The value won’t tell you if one construction type withstands non-cat weather better versus another. The SIS can."

“After a few years and many losses, I concluded it was the underlying data and the methodology that was the issue,” says Rissel.
He and Moore knew that brokers and agents needed a tool that enabled them to put in a few points of data and get a reliable, fairly close estimate of a home’s replacement value, so that they, as well as the underwriters and claims departments, could all have a value they agreed on from the first minute of the policy to the last.

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