The top London market brokers


The following analysis and tables cover the top 20 independent London Market brokers by turnover. Here, we examine the results and find some interesting conclusions.

The rankings below are based on the top 20 independent London markets brokers by turnover. It is worth noting that the 20 companies listed here are just the top portion of around 190 players that operate in the Market overall.

The first striking thing is that all but four of the brokers have increased their turnover in the past 12 months, despite a relatively flat pricing environment for the sector overall. The ones that have experienced a drop in turnover are Cooper Gay Swett & Crawford, Newman Martin and Buchan, Besso and Lonmar Global risks (results for THB Group were not available).

Ian Clark, partner at Deloitte says such growth in this economic climate is surprising. He attributes it to two factors. First, he says, there has been a degree of consolidation in the Market with some of the top 20 players both completing acquisitions and poaching teams from both the biggest players in the Market and some of their smaller rivals. This strategy has boosted income streams for some brokers.

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