Time is of the essence


Time is of the essence

As market conditions remain tough, and insurers seek to improve the efficiency of their business, there is no better time for the implementation of Netsett, as Paul Duffy, director, Capital Markets and Treasury Solutions, and Emmanuel de Rességuier, global head of Working Capital Advisory, Insurance at Deutsche Bank explained to Intelligent Insurer.

“Improving efficiency and cutting cost has become an important part of an insurer’s job, and making inroads to that cause is essential,” says Paul Duffy, director, Capital Markets and Treasury Solutions at Deutsche Bank, who also says that the bank’s new product in partnership with Xchanging will be “transformational” to the sector.

“Accuracy is also a key factor in Netsett’s development, as the technology takes away any ambiguity between differing opinions, bringing integrity, and ‘one version of the truth’ to the process.” Paul Duffy

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