What the pandemic means for the future of crisis management


What the pandemic means for the future of crisis management

Hoe-Yeong Loke, research manager, Airmic

A new Airmic guide on pandemic risk addresses how organisations can stay resilient in the face of the looping nature of the COVID-19 crisis. The guide’s author outlines the key lessons that can be learnt from the pandemic so far.

The emergence of the Omicron variant has demonstrated the looping nature of the current pandemic, highlighting the importance of ongoing resilience, according to a new publication by risk management association Airmic in partnership with Control Risks. 

There will be ever newer variants of Covid-19, or even new pandemics, as human populations encroach further on other animal habitats. All this accentuates the need for risk professionals to look beyond the present Covid-19 crisis, learning the lessons, boosting preparedness, and building resilience.

The new guide, titled The Pandemic Goes Endemic, comes as political leaders are saying we need to “learn to live with Covid”. It revisits the issues surrounding pandemic crisis management for organisations that were last discussed in Airmic’s September 2020 guide New challenges, new lessons: Covid-19 pandemic and the future of crisis management, which was also produced in partnership with Control Risks.

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