Why risk management plays a key role in organisational resilience


Why risk management plays a key role in organisational resilience

Charlotte Hedemark Hancke, vice president, FERMA

How has the pandemic changed the face of risk management in Europe? FERMA board member Charlotte Hedemark Hancke looks back at 2021 and ahead to the challenges and opportunities of 2022.

 2022 is set to be a busy year for Charlotte Hedemark Hancke. Besides her day job as Senior Risk Specialist in the Customer Success Risk Assurance team in SAP’s Global Risk & Assurance Services organization, she’s also a VP at FERMA and chair of the committee for the FERMA Forum, which is set to take place in Copenhagen in October 2022. The theme for the Forum will be “Transitioning Together – Risk Leadership in a Fast Changing Word” which conveys its members' ambition to move forward collectively for successful green and digital transitions, with risk leadership as a strategic compass.

Hancke is also on the committee of FERMA’s risk and insurance survey 2022 – the next edition of the European risk manager federation’s biennial survey. After two years in which risk managers around the world have seen their roles take on heightened importance in the face of the pandemic, she is interested to see what next year’s survey reveals when the results are published in May 2022. 

“It will be our 11th edition of the survey,” she says. “The questions are not identical every year, but we try not to change them too much because it's good to be able to see some trends.

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