Supporting brand identity


Supporting brand identity

Managing general agents have grasped the insurtech sector and are moving to support communities or individuals as a way to promote their brand and also to develop new product ranges. Here racing driver Esmee Hawkey discusses her role as Landmark Underwriting’s brand ambassador.

How would you characterise Landmark Underwriting’s brand?

Landmark Underwriting’s vision and values are about innovation, support and excitement through their brand.

Reflected in the W Series’ first ever racing competition for women, Landmark is supportive through the next stage of Landmark’s Ambassadors scheme. I have been given the platform, which as the W series is doing for like-minded and talented individuals, Landmark similarly provides to those talented underwriters wanting to move into the managing general agent (MGA) sphere either through its MGA offering or its incubator vehicle (Landmark MGA Ltd).

Landmark has championed the support of female athletes in their own inaugural brand ambassadorship scheme, via endorsements and sponsorships.

The Landmark brand operates within the different operating themes of an innovative marketplace, plus with a demand of product knowledge with excellence in customer care being greater than ever before such values are embraced by the team. Innovation through product development should be embraced with an entrepreneurial mind. 

Everyone accepts motor sport is exciting and challenging but so is underwriting when carried out in the right environment.

What is your role as brand ambassador?

My role as Landmark Underwriting’s brand ambassador is one where I am embodying the brand which I am endorsing. I’m providing credible, trustworthy promotion, visibility to the brand and communications via brand awareness through a steady campaign during 2019. 

As a brand ambassador I am building trust and through social media we brand ambassadors are a company’s online reputation, plus company teams need to understand what their brand represents, what their company stands for, and what makes it different from every other company.

How has Landmark Underwriting been able to support your racing career?

Landmark Underwriting has positioned its brand initially within the rarefied world of motorsport with the added value of supporting a female racing driver. The opportunity existed to align the brand with my own sponsorship programme which means financial assistance to items such as my suit, helmet, travel to meets plus other factors within the day-to-day competing nature of the sport.

Landmark has championed the support of female athletes in their own inaugural brand ambassadorship scheme, via endorsements and sponsorships, highlighting the need to see that female athletes have an equal playing field to their male counterparts, as the W Series is attempting to do.

Landmark has signed up with other insurers providing commitment to a culture where inclusive behaviours are the norm and where everyone is accepting of diversity. How do you see this changing the insurance industry?

Landmark Underwriting and its associated companies have joined others in the insurance marketplace to confirm diversity which comes from gender, race, sexuality, age, (dis)ability, background and religion. Landmark’s customer base embodies all these characteristics, and in order to serve them best, their employees must also reflect them.

With participating in the W series, which has enjoyed coverage from Landmark Underwriting on its social media accounts and Channel Four’s TV coverage, we can show others that they should not be afraid to step forward and embrace a commitment to change.

Landmark Underwriting and its associated companies have joined others in the insurance marketplace to confirm diversity.

Where do you see the changes in the insurance industry in terms of inclusive behaviour?

Like the W series has been able to select the 18 most talented drivers globally the MGA industry must support the profession in attracting the brightest talent from any gender, age and race. Landmark has sought to do this from their board to their underwriting teams for individuals to contribute to their fullest and deliver on Landmark’s vision.

Landmark will also foster their brand ambassadors as soon as new team members join the company. The industry cannot ignore that there are undesirable behaviours in pockets of the industry that cannot be tolerated if the future is to truly attract the best talent.

By setting the standard for inclusive behaviours from the top, and doing so as a collective, as the Landmark group has positioned itself within its industry we will therefore see a sea-change in this exciting and evolving marketplace.

Ross Lazaroo-Hood is the founder & group CEO of Landmark. He can be contacted at:

Landmark’s brand ambassador

Esmee Hawkey is a highly respected racing car driver and has partnered with Landmark Underwriting through her sponsorship programme and Landmark’s own Brand Ambassador scheme. In her 2018 Carrera Cup rookie season she impressed everyone finishing the Pro Am season in fifth place with GT Marques, collecting third place in the opening weekend at Brands Hatch, and second place at the Monza circuit. She is currently competing in the Porsche Carrera Cup, where she has had three podium finishes so far during her 2019 season, and the W Series, which is the first ever women-only racing series.

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