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Getting the best out of data


Many re/insurers understand the value and potential of data but leveraging its full potential requires a systematic approach designed to achieve very specific outcomes, says Meghan Anzelc, chief analytics officer, AXIS Capital.

MGAs: the new breed of insurtech firms

Europe, UK04-05-2018Managing General Agencies (MGA), Property and Casualty (P&C)Christian Wuestner

Managing general agents are partnering with insurtech firms—a trend that could transform the sector and the very nature of MGAs, Peter Staddon, managing director of the Managing General Agents’ Association, tells Intelligent Insurer.

No fear of cyber: AXIS forges ahead

Bermuda, Global18-04-2018CyberChristian Wuestner

AXIS Capital is among the top five players in cyber globally by premium written, and the Bermuda-based insurer has appetite for more and plans to grow faster than the market in the coming years, as Dan Trueman, chief innovation officer and cyber unit head, tells Intelligent Insurer.

Mastering a new AI-driven insurance world

Global13-04-2018Property and Casualty (P&C)Christian Wuestner

The ways risks are likely to change due to artificial intelligence (AI) are manifold, presenting many challenges to the insurance industry, but they are the subject of much current debate and development, as Allianz and SCOR suggest in their reports.

A new fund launches to compete for insurtech investments

Europe, Global11-04-2018Life & Health, Property and Casualty (P&C)Christian Wuestner

A new fund is seeking to attract financing from insurers to invest in the insurtech sector, aiming to offer an alternative solution to insurers as they leverage new technologies that are transforming the sector.

Lloyd’s goes digital, but that’s not all

Europe, North America05-04-2018Property and Casualty (P&C)Christian Wuestner

Lloyd’s of London made a heavy loss in 2017 after being hit hard by the US hurricane season. While this may have been expected due to the market’s gearing towards US natural catastrophes, Lloyd’s top executives are now urging the market to boost profits by curbing costs and being more cautious with its risk selection.

AI: insurers must mimic Google, Facebook and Amazon

Global, London, UK26-03-2018

Insurers that place the potential of technology such as AI at the centre of their business will gain a significant competitive advantage, Abhishek Breja, the former head of performance transformation and AI at Assurant, tells Intelligent Insurer.

Cyber coverage dislocation—why buyers and sellers struggle

Global23-03-2018CyberChristian Wuestner

Cyber insurance is a rapidly growing market for insurers as more corporates realise the very real risks they face. But there is also growing frustration that insurers are not structuring coverages in a helpful way, and the buying process remains unwieldy, as Intelligent Insurer discovers.

Munich Re pins its hopes on digitisation – but also cuts costs

Global20-03-2018Property and Casualty (P&C)

Munich Re expects its investments in digitisation, data and technology to become the major driver of future growth in its reinsurance operations. The German reinsurance giant sees digitisation as a means of moving the business closer to the end consumer while generating new technology-based products.

Automation versus augmentation-and why insurers must prepare for a new model

Global, London09-03-2018

The insurance industry must ready itself for the arrival of very different technology combinations which will rewrite the rulebook, as Kevin Baughan of Innovate UK explains to Intelligent Insurer.

Showing 1 to 10 of 82 results

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