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Insurance and the pandemic: how COVID-19 put insurtech front and centre

UK21-07-2021Digital Insurance

Re/insurance has changed markedly since the COVID-19 pandemic first swept across the world in early 2020. With the sector looking to build back stronger from the turmoil, many companies are finally embracing technology. But as with any revolution, change is difficult.

Focusing on the details: e2Value CEO on dealing with data and climate change

North America21-07-2021Climate Change

e2Value CEO Todd Rissel was working in the insurtech business before the word itself was even coined. After over 20 years in the market, the company is now setting its sights on tackling the new challenges facing the industry.

An industry revolution as cyber becomes the dominant peril


The cyber insurance market is booming. As an expert from CyberCube tells the Re/insurance Lounge, technology brings solutions as well as problems, and insurtech could be key to helping underwriters, brokers and others cope with the surging demand.

Spoilt for choice: the COVID-19 tech boom leaves insurers with some tricky decisions

UK15-07-2021Digital Insurance

Rapidly expanding opportunities in insurtech are being driven by changing behaviours and fast-changing technology.

The computer virus: COVID-19 is driving a boom in insurtech and it might be only just beginning

UK15-07-2021Digital Insurance

There remains plenty of scope for further growth if insurers can harness their data, an Intelligent Insurer panel found.

Forget P&C business—add an extra C for cyber

North America14-05-2021Cyber, Property and Casualty (P&C)

As the world marches towards an increasingly interconnected future, cyber will become one of the biggest risks that companies will need to manage—and insurers will need to qualify, price and underwrite. This will mean a fundamental shifting of the portfolio mix for most insurers.

Insurtech: the driving force in M&A

North America26-04-2021

Technology will become a key feature on the growth agenda in the coming year as re/insurers seek out insurtech providers that can deliver a competitive advantage. In turn, this will also drive M&A strategies and activities, say executives from Clyde & Co in a panel discussion.

Protecting supply chains and industrial control systems from cyber attacks


The cyber threat to supply chains and industrial control systems is growing exponentially as a result of the rapid rise in computing power. Add to this the increased use of internet of things devices and prevalence of 5G and there is the potential for something of a perfect storm of risk. Jenna McGrath, senior cyber economist at CyberCube, explains the key threat factors and how the insurance industry can respond.

Why isn’t the cyber insurance market booming?


The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered an explosion in cyber crime, so why is the market growing so slowly and what does the future hold for the cyber insurance market?

When it comes to insurtech: get it out there—ready or not!


Actions towards bringing an insurtech solution to market speak louder than words when it comes to attracting insurtech investment, an Intelligent Insurer Re/insurance Lounge panel heard.

Showing 1 to 10 of 183 results

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