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Insurers playing catch-up in embracing technology

Global, London, UK12-02-2018Technology

It is insurers’ claims departments that will benefit most from the progress towards automation and machine learning that is being made, says Elena Rasa, chief underwriting officer, Gruppo Zurich Italy.

CapSpecialty seeks to better serve SMBs through technology in 2018

North America12-01-2018Technology

Technology is changing the underwriting process and the role of brokers, and CapSpecialty aims to be an active participant in innovating in these areas to drive change and better serve its customers in 2018, explains Adam Sills, head of professional liability and small commercial P&C.

The changing face of cyber insurance

Global05-01-2018Cyber, Cyber Attacks, Cyber Risk

It’s time for insurers to wake up to the reality of their role in protecting companies from the fallout from cyber attacks, says Dan Trueman, the global head of cyber at AXIS Insurance.

S&P Global Ratings roundtable: insurtech’s effects become clearer


New products based on technology and data are increasingly being brought to market, while claims processes are being sped up through technologies such as blockchain, freeing up capabilities for new services, according to panellists at an Intelligent Insurer roundtable sponsored by S&P Global Ratings at October’s Baden-Baden Reinsurance Meeting.

Insurance CEOs debate technological challenges

Global20-11-2017Life Insurers, Property and Casualty

While the digital world allows insurers to create more appealing products for customers, keeping the data may become expensive as new data regulation becomes effective, according to a November Marketforce panel discussion with several insurance CEOs in London.

Cyber resilience and insurers: the FCA is awake, are you?

London14-11-2017Cyber, Cyber security

David Roberts, event director at GovNet, organiser of the 16 November Cyber Security Summit and Expo, and co-located GDPR Conference in London previews the event.

'Conservative' German insurance market ready for disruption

Europe07-11-2017General Insurance

The German insurance industry has yet to catch up with digitisation and may face sudden disruption if a big player takes an innovative approach to the market.

The digital future is all at sea

Global24-10-2017Data Analysis, Marine, Marine insurance

The advent of new technologies is likely to revolutionise the maritime industry, but may create a more challenging environment for marine insurers, Dieter Berg, president of IUMI, tells Intelligent Insurer.

Buyers want no surprises


While reinsurers and brokers discuss the return of a market cycle most buyers just want a quiet life with no surprises—assuming they don’t feel underinsured in light of the recent hurricanes or cyber losses that have the potential to cause them sleepless nights. Intelligent Insurer reports.

No hiding place: the technology firms ready to become insurers


The insurtech revolution is already challenging re/insurers, but those who feel they were on the front foot may not have contended with the possibility that change could be much more fundamental than they realised. Paul Cuatrecasas, an expert in acquiring technology companies, tells Intelligent Insurer more.

Showing 1 to 10 of 62 results

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