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From crisis management to risk management: finding a new normal

Asia Pacific13-04-2022Catastrophe, Property and Casualty (P&C)

There were sober and disciplined renewals in Asia-Pacific despite chaotic world events. After continually fighting fires since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, however, the key question may be how the market will respond to a period of calm.

Hard talk but no hard market: Asia-Pacific 1/4 renewals

Asia Pacific13-04-2022Catastrophe, Climate Change, Cyber, Property and Casualty (P&C)

Renewals in the region were disciplined and perhaps even dull, but the diversity of the countries and differing lines means that drama is never far away. Capacity, as ever, is key, says an Intelligent Insurer panel.

The computer virus: COVID-19 is driving a boom in insurtech and it might be only just beginning

UK15-07-2021Digital Insurance

There remains plenty of scope for further growth if insurers can harness their data, an Intelligent Insurer panel found.

Deposing King Coal - the ESG future for re/insurance

Asia Pacific, Australasia, Europe, US09-04-2020Energy, Flood Insurance, General Liability, Industrial Lines, Life Insurance, Life Reinsurance, Non-life Insurance, Non-life Reinsurance, Property and Casualty (P&C), Renewable Energy, Risk ModellingClaire Churchard

European re/insurers are leading the charge towards forcing the eventual abdication of 'king' coal. How successful will the industry be in toppling the age-old monarch of fossil fuels, and why are climate campaigners still frustrated? Intelligent Insurer investigates.

Interview: Antonio Huertas, Mapfre - reaping the rewards of change

Global, Latin America, Spain, USA04-04-2019General Insurance, Life & Health, Motor re/insurance, Non-life Reinsurance, Property and Casualty (P&C)

Spanish insurer Mapfre took some tough decisions last year—and also underperformed, according to its chief executive. Now, it wants to reap the rewards of these changes as well as its diversification to move into a new chapter, Antonio Huertas, chairman and CEO, tells Intelligent Insurer.

Mapfre: Keeping pace with change

Europe, Global07-11-2018

Spanish re/insurer Mapfre embarked on an overhaul of its Global Risks business in July, which includes integrating some of the business into Mapfre Re. Eduardo Perez de Lema Holweg, chief executive and chairman of the management committee of Mapfre Re, explains the logic for the restructuring and his perspective on the industry’s health.

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Showing 1 to 6 of 6 results

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