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The long shadow of asbestos

Global, UK19-07-2019Construction, Shipping

New figures from the UK Health and Safety Executive point to a possible peak in the number of asbestos-related deaths from mesothelioma. Intelligent Insurer investigates.

MGA leaders offer insights into the big issues for the industry now and in the future

North America12-07-2019Managing General Agencies (MGA)

Now seems to be a great time to be running an MGA – but are there downsides? And what is the future for the sector? We asked five MGAs some questions around their confidence, concerns and goals—and their opinions on technology in our virtual roundtable.

Company profile: run-off specialist RiverStone

Global, UK09-07-2019Run-off

Despite its size and long track record, run-off specialist RiverStone has not sought the profile of some of its rivals. After a successful 12 months of new deals, that is starting to change, as the company’s Luke Tanzer tells Intelligent Insurer.

AutoRek: how to manage the data flood

UK04-07-2019Managing General Agencies (MGA)

Intelligent automation and machine learning are key to handling the large amount of data that managing general agents have to deal with every day, as Mike Kelly of AutoRek tells Intelligent Insurer.

News analysis: Lloyd’s - the need for speed

Global, London Market03-07-2019

Lloyd’s of London published a modernisation plan in May and the market’s CEO John Neal is now pushing to convince all stakeholders that change must be fast and decisive or they’ll risk losing out.

Supporting brand identity

Europe02-07-2019Managing General Agencies (MGA)

Managing general agents have grasped the insurtech sector and are moving to support communities or individuals as a way to promote their brand and also to develop new product ranges. Here racing driver Esmee Hawkey discusses her role as Landmark Underwriting’s brand ambassador.

Business briefing Nephila Climate: weather risk

UK28-06-2019Energy, Renewable Energy

The demand for weather risk products is growing. Intelligent Insurer asks Nephila Climate chairman Barney Schauble what is driving this forecast.

​Under water—and out of luck

North America29-05-2019Catastrophe

​Spring floods in the US Midwest have underlined the fact that few people in the US have flood coverage. Intelligent Insurer investigates.

Unlocking the AI advantage for commercial lines

Global, UK16-05-2019

Pamela Negosanti, global vice president of insurance at Expert System, explains how the company assists clients in a world of increasingly high volumes of information. She will be speaking at the Intelligent Automation & AI in Insurance Europe event in London on May 21.

Why construction companies need to listen to insurers


There is increasing interest among insurers in getting contractors as well as developers to buy in to the inclusion of leak detection systems in building projects. Intelligent Insurer reports.

Showing 121 to 130 of 718 results

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