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Meeting the cyber insurance challenge – head on

Bermuda, North America24-07-2020Cyber

AkinovA hosted its first ‘Ask The Experts’ private event and Q&A evening in May, bringing together some of the insurance, forensics, capital markets, modelling and legal industries’ leading experts on cybersecurity. Bermuda:Re+ILS summarises some of the points made at the event.

Climate model know-how to help assess virus spread ‘sweet spot’


Risk modeller AIR Worldwide is to use its expertise around the impact of climate on extreme weather to shed new light on the impact of weather systems on the spread of diseases such as COVID-19. Intelligent Insurer finds out more.

Parametric based insurtech pays out one day after storm Ciara

UK18-02-2020Flood Insurance

Recent flood damage caused by storm Ciara and Dennis has heightened awareness of growing flood risks again. Parametric flood policies and live flood forecasting are key developments allowing insurers and business to tackle flood risk.

Risk modellers grapple with wildfire risk in wake of record losses

North America20-02-2019Catastrophe, Risk Modelling

The Californian wildfires of 2018 set new records in terms of losses and left risk modelling agencies scrambling to reassure insurers they can get a handle on the risks.

Modelling extreme liability events—including school shootings

Global13-07-2018Casualty Insurance, Catastrophe, Risk Modelling

The development of the industry’s first fully probabilistic model for extreme liability events represents a breakthrough for risk modelling and the use of such models will eventually become common practice in the risk transfer sector, Robin Wilkinson, vice president and managing director of casualty analytics at AIR Worldwide, tells Intelligent Insurer.

A failure of models could turn the market


Some re/insurance executives yearn for the heady days of a hard market but most are more realistic, given the abundance of capital in the industry. The recent hurricanes have given the market an insight into just how rates might respond to big losses, as Intelligent Insurer reports.

Preparing for a 2017 cyber surge

North America, UK26-01-2017Cyber

The fear of an impending cyber attack driven by a series of high-profile breaches has led to a surge in the demand for cyber insurance, with many insurers now broadening the scope of the coverage offered. But this also brings challenges, as Intelligent Insurer finds.

A chance to learn


The recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami off the coast of Japan represent an opportunity for risk modelling agencies and reinsurers to push for changes that could prevent such devastating damage and losses from such events in the future.

A storm in the East

China, Emerging Markets01-03-2011

China presents reinsurers with both challenges and opportunities.

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Showing 1 to 9 of 9 results

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