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Wind, hail and wildfire: are cat models up to scratch?

North America23-05-2019Catastrophe

Recent catastrophes have revealed that some nat cat models might not be as up to date as they could be. Intelligent Insurer reports.

Swiss Re warns re/insurers of the growing threat of secondary perils

North America23-05-2019Catastrophe

Swiss Re’s latest Sigma report highlights the dangers of so-called secondary losses—which can still pack a nasty punch. Intelligent Insurer investigates.

Unlocking the AI advantage for commercial lines

Global, UK16-05-2019

Pamela Negosanti, global vice president of insurance at Expert System, explains how the company assists clients in a world of increasingly high volumes of information. She will be speaking at the Intelligent Automation & AI in Insurance Europe event in London on May 21.

The talent to meld art and science

Bermuda, North America, UK13-05-2019

As technology makes underwriting both an art and a science the industry must do more to attract young talent, says David Amaro, chair of the Bermuda Under 40s Re/insurance Group.

Signs of a positive evolution

Global, North America13-05-2019

With job placement rates for students at close to 100 percent, more must be done to increase the profile of careers in insurance, says Sean Ramlal of US Reinsurance Under 40s.

Profile: AM Re Syndicate, a unique solution

Asia Pacific, North America, UK04-04-2019

AM Re Syndicate believes the US market is underserved by reinsurers. To solve this problem, the managing general agency is matching US primary carriers with security from Asia using quota share deals, to bring a very different offering to the market, as Intelligent Insurer reports.

Greenlight Re finds its place in the world

Asia Pacific, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, USA04-04-2019Non Life Reinsurance, Property and Casualty (P&C)

Greenlight Re has always done things a little differently. Simon Burton, its chief executive, explains to Intelligent Insurer why he hopes its approach to insurtech, Solvency II and the mix of its portfolio will continue to set it apart.

Why re/insurers should fear the rise of activist investors

Global04-04-2019Capital Management, Investment Management

There are some chief execs right now taking a pretty good look at their own affairs in terms of how they spend company funds. I have also heard of a number of companies asking their investor relations teams for a thorough analysis of peer-related performance.

Why 2019 looks promising for reinsurers

Global15-01-2019Property and Casualty (P&C)

The outlook for the non-life reinsurance sector is improving as prices are expected to rebound in 2019 following the sector’s second consecutive year of above-average losses.

Rates will harden in 2019—but fears of a false dawn may be real

USA20-12-2018Insurance-linked Securities (ILS)

Rates will harden in 2019—or at the very least remain stable. That is what our readers believe as they approach the January 1 renewals. But we are also mindful that the Christmas spirit may have made some a little too optimistic.

Showing 1 to 10 of 508 results

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