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Hard choices over flooding: secondary perils in the balance at January renewals


Secondary perils were the primary topic at Baden-Baden this year. The consensus is that they mean Europe can no longer escape rate rises, and who pays will determine whether we’re truly seeing a hard market. Intelligent Insurer reports.

Spoilt for choice: the COVID-19 tech boom leaves insurers with some tricky decisions

UK15-07-2021Digital Insurance

Rapidly expanding opportunities in insurtech are being driven by changing behaviours and fast-changing technology.

The computer virus: COVID-19 is driving a boom in insurtech and it might be only just beginning

UK15-07-2021Digital Insurance

There remains plenty of scope for further growth if insurers can harness their data, an Intelligent Insurer panel found.

The pandemic remains an earnings event for reinsurers, but why?

Europe26-08-2020Capital Management, Casualty Insurance, Credit Insurance, Life Insurance, Life Reinsurance, Non-life Insurance, Non-life Reinsurance, Surety Insurance

Pandemic-related losses are large but reinsurers look to have avoided the worst with a combination of financial discipline and the arrival of a hard market. Will efforts to inoculate themselves against the pandemic in H1 continue to be effective into the second half of the year, and how will it affect the wider market? Intelligent Insurer speaks to Robert Mazzuoli, director at Fitch Ratings, to find out more.

How COVID-19 insured losses map across to company exposures

Europe, London Market, US30-04-2020Claims, Life Insurance, Life Reinsurance, Non-life Insurance, Non-life Reinsurance, Personal Insurance, Property and Casualty (P&C), Risk Modelling, Surety Insurance

Investment bank analysts have calculated and explained how the huge insured losses from COVID-19 are likely to pan out for the industry, particular companies and lines, and are affecting already firming prices. Intelligent Insurer reports.

Five long-term impacts of the coronacrisis… and three things to be positive about

Global, UK30-03-2020Broking, Catastrophe, General Insurance, Health Insurance, Life & Health, Non-life Insurance, Non-life Reinsurance

Everyone is hoping that the outbreak of COVID-19 will be contained as swiftly as possible, with many countries advising precautionary measures, such as lockdown, for a minimum of 12 weeks to protect the vulnerable. The re/insurance industry can expect to feel the effects of this pandemic well beyond that. Intelligent Insurer reports.

Nat cat events in US and Japan bring substantial losses for Hannover Re

Japan, North America05-02-2020Catastrophe

Despite an ‘overall satisfying renewal’, according to CEO Jean-Jean Henchoz, natural catastrophe events in the US and Japan presented substantial loss burdens for Hannover Re and with €3.5 billion up for renewal in these regions in the coming months, significant rate increases are expected.

‘Benign’ cat losses in 2019 support higher industry capital for reinsurers

Global31-01-2020Catastrophe, Life Reinsurance, Non-life Reinsurance

Fitch analyst explains the global reinsurance drivers in 2019 and discusses what to expect in 2020.

Insurtech: should you believe the hype?

North America18-10-2019

Everyone is talking about insurtech, but apart from its being a useful portmanteau term, does the reality live up to the hype that surrounds it? Intelligent Insurer asks those in the know.

Hannover Re: picking the opportune moment


Michael Pickel, CEO of Hannover Re’s German reinsurance subsidiary E&S Rückversicherung, talks rates, insurtech and Lloyd’s of London, with Intelligent Insurer.

Showing 1 to 10 of 37 results

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