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Cyber: The generation game

Bermuda29-03-2018Alternative Capital, Insurance-linked Securities (ILS)

Cybersecurity is a generational exposure, according to Rick Welsh, CEO of Sciemus, but Bermuda has a chance to lead in dealing with it—and ILS could have a part to play.

Bermuda leads in ILS innovation


2017 was a record-breaking year for ILS—and Bermuda again led from the front in terms of being both the domicile of choice for the special purpose vehicles issuing ILS and a hub of innovation for new structures and risks.

Trends in the ILS sector and implications for the wider insurance industry

Global28-02-2018Insurance-linked Securities (ILS)

An overview of the ILS market by Dirk Lohmann, chief executive officer of Secquaero Advisors and Noel Hillmann, chief executive officer of Clear Path Analysis*.

How ILS can rise up to global terror risk

Global28-02-2018Insurance-linked Securities (ILS), Terrorism

Fomenting a reinsurance revolution isn’t easy. Everyone wants change, but what that means is as varied as the people calling for it. So, when there’s a sign of consensus, immediate action is always best, writes Tom Johansmeyer of PCS, Verisk Insurance Solutions.

Harmony arises from old and new singing the same tune

Global, Guernsey29-01-2018Insurance-linked Securities (ILS)

Guernsey Finance chief executive Dominic Wheatley examines technological advancement in the insurance sector and why the old heads embracing the newcomers can bring out the best in both.

Schultz: ILS market proved itself in 2017

Global29-01-2018Insurance-linked Securities (ILS)

The ILS market starts 2018 in a very positive place after the hurricane losses of 2017, according to Paul Schultz, chief executive of Aon Securities.

London as an ILS domicile creates ample possibilities

Global, London, UK29-01-2018Insurance-linked Securities (ILS)

After a long gestation the Risk Transformation Regulations (2017), passed in November, clear the way for a London-based ILS hub, say Philipp Kusche and Michael Wade of TigerRisk Capital Markets & Advisory.

ILS market roars to new heights

North America08-12-2017Catastrophe, Insurance-linked Securities (ILS)

The ILS market had one of its most successful ever years in 2017 and is well placed at it enters 2018, according to Paul Schultz, CEO of Aon Securities.

Missing growth opportunities: Winds of same?

North America08-12-2017Insurance-linked Securities (ILS)

Rather than make the discovery after it’s necessary, it would be much more effective to develop a robust cyber ILW market before it’s needed, says Tom Johansmeyer of Verisk Insurance Solutions.

Cat bonds perform post loss but uncertainty for private deals

Global07-12-2017Insurance-linked Securities (ILS)

The average performance of cat bonds improved dramatically in October, up 0.35 percent, but the performance of some managers will diverge due to recent losses, the complexities of which also mean loss information is still being gathered by many managers.

Showing 1 to 10 of 171 results

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