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Creating ‘bionic claims’ through strong employee engagement: Aviva Canada

Canada27-10-2020Claims, Life Insurance, Life Reinsurance, Non-life Insurance, Non-life Reinsurance

Aviva Canada’s chief claims officer Bryant Vernon employed an array of engagement techniques to smooth the path for data analysis and automation at the firm.

Why the cloud and digital-first platforms are key for SME insurance growth

UK29-06-2020Life Insurance, Managing General Agencies (MGA), Non-life Insurance

As SMEs manage evolving business interruption issues and complex technology-related risks, commercial insurers have an opportunity to help them meet these ever changing needs. Find out more about how insurers are using the latest technology to grow their business in this area. 

COVID-19: the unintended consequences of suspended dividends

Global17-04-2020Life Insurance, Life Reinsurance, Non-life Insurance, Non-life Reinsurance

Insurers taking tough decisions on paying shareholders have a lot to consider, and pressure to make the best choice will only increase the longer the pandemic lingers on. Intelligent Insurer reports.

Why construction companies need to listen to insurers


There is increasing interest among insurers in getting contractors as well as developers to buy in to the inclusion of leak detection systems in building projects. Intelligent Insurer reports.

UK government on collision course with re/insurance industry

UK01-03-2017Motor re/insuranceChristian Wuestner

The UK Government has startled the re/insurance industry by decreasing the personal injury (Ogden) rate by far more than had been expected, causing companies to revise their profit results mid-reporting season.

A bumpy Brexit may bruise the UK’s re/insurance sector

Europe, UK25-01-2017Aviation & Aerospace, Life Insurance, Marine, Non-life InsuranceChristian Wuestner

The UK re/insurance market is likely to shrink due to the UK’s exit from the European Union as companies reorganize their operations to ensure access to the EU common market. Nevertheless, London is likely to remain an important re/insurance centre after the country exits the EU.

Brexit: Preparing for uncertainty


Now that the immediate post-referendum dust has settled, the re/insurance industry is taking a close interest in the nature of the UK’s negotiations around leaving the EU and what it will mean for cross-border trade. Intelligent Insurer reports.

Insurers show leadership on climate change

Europe, London Market, North America20-10-2014Mike Morrissey

Our industry is now recognised as a leader in offering concrete solutions to the challenges of climate change, says Mike Morrissey.

Joined-up fixed income diversification

01-10-2011Dan James

Dan James of Aviva Investors looks at how global diversified fixed income can provide a coherent solution in the search for alpha.

Shining a light on Russia

Emerging Markets01-10-2011

Russian reinsurers face a number of domestic challenges along with strong competition from the international market. Intelligent Insurer investigates.

Showing 1 to 10 of 13 results

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