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COVID-19 is a black swan event for marine insurers—but they will ultimately benefit

Global18-01-2021Energy & Marine, Marine

Marine insurance can no longer hold its course as it struggles to navigate the consequences of a global pandemic. But could the current global catastrophe also present an opening to sail out of the doldrums? A Re/insurance Lounge panel discussed the issue.

Technology and Lloyd’s create tailwinds for RSG in choppy marine market

London, UK23-08-2018Cargo, Managing General Agencies (MGA), Marine

Ryan Specialty Group has a growing presence in the marine market — a confluence of market conditions and its own strategic decisions could mean further growth, as Intelligent Insurer finds out.

The digital future is all at sea


The advent of new technologies is likely to revolutionise the maritime industry, but may create a more challenging environment for marine insurers, Dieter Berg, president of IUMI, tells Intelligent Insurer.

Staying afloat amid change

Europe, Global01-09-2016Capital Management, Catastrophe, Marine

Marine insurers are grappling with increased competition, a soft market, economic uncertainties and the looming threat of piracy. But Dieter Berg, president of the International Union of Marine Insurance, is optimistic around insurers’ ability to stay afloat in this challenging environment. Intelligent Insurer reports.

From pirates to drugs to ultra-concentrated risks


Marine insurers attending the annual International Union of Marine Insurance conference in Berlin this September will have no shortage of talking points. The sector is increasingly having to respond to external threats and changes while still grappling with age-old challenges including pirates. Intelligent Insurer reports

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Showing 1 to 5 of 5 results

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