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North America16-07-2013

After many years of softening, the excess and surplus lines market is now in a state of rehabilitation—but its health remains delicate, Michael Sillat of WKFC Underwriting Managers tells Intelligent Insurer.

Caution over commerciality


Compliance with sanctions is nothing new to re/insurers. But as recent headlines involving Iranian crude oil being processed in India have proved, they are becoming more widespread, complex and are starting to have commercial ramifications for reinsurers. Intelligent Insurer investigates.

Alternative capacity - 10 burning questions

16-07-2013Insurance-linked Securities (ILS)

The recent rapid influx of capital markets money into the reinsurance sector could represent the single biggest change the industry has ever experienced. Whether it is a case of revolution or evolution, we examine the 10 red hot questions the industry is struggling to answer about the consequences of this change.

Going global: Law firms extend their scope


There is more competition between specialist re/insurance lawyers than ever—a phenomenon that is generally good news for clients. In the second part of this feature, Intelligent Insurer explore how law firms are reacting to these changes and targeting new markets.

New risks, new dangers

North America16-07-2013Lawsuits

The recent reduction in litigation between insurers and reinsurers could be reversed as the industry increasingly moves into underwriting risks it is less familiar with, John Nonna from Patton Boggs tells intelligent insurer.

Old habits die hard

North America16-07-2013

A change in attitudes and less reliance on risk models could be the key to underwriting success, as Mike Pilla of Technical Risk Underwriters told Intelligent Insurer.

Why TigerRisk keeps winning

North America16-07-2013

The growing concentration of power among the ‘Big Three’ brokers is not beneficial for the industry, Rod Fox, TigerRisk’s CEO, tells intelligent insurer.

A potential giant awakens


Its recent spate of high profile appointments starkly illustrated the ambitions of Q-Re to become a global player. What is more, it brings something different to the table, as Gunther Saacke, its chief executive officer, explained to Intelligent Insurer.

Think risk, think global

North America16-04-2013

The Risk and Insurance Management Society’s new president, John Phelps, brings an emphasis on training, thinking globally, and nurturing the next generation of risk managers. He told Jenny White about his aims for 2013.

Showing 1001 to 1010 of 1183 results

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