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Bermuda: emerging from the gloom


Whether the Island remains the central hub of the reinsurance world may be questioned these days, yet there is no doubt that investors, analysts and buyers alike set great store on the performance of Bermuda’s insurers and reinsurers.

Manoeuvring in constricting circumstances

01-03-2012Capital Management

The implementation of Solvency II will place restrictions on the investment strategies of many insurers. Intelligent Insurer speaks to the team at BNY Mellon about the investment options open to insurers facing tighter capital regulation.

A crystal ball?

01-03-2012Asset Management, Capital Management

At its best, modelling software can offer insurers a glimpse of the future and the ability to side-step potential pitfalls. Intelligent Insurer spoke to Richard Urbach at Conning about how the industry can benefit from this kind of technology.

Planning for the unexpected

01-03-2012Capital Management

The past 12 months have vividly demonstrated the increasingly complex risks that risk managers face. Deborah M. Luthi, the newly elected president of RIMS, speaks to Intelligent Insurer about the need for risk managers to prepare for worst case scenarios.

The storm before the calm

01-03-2012Alternative Risk Transfer (ART)Paul Schultz

The ILS market was put to the test during 2011, with three catastrophe bonds suffering a total loss. However, ILS fundamentals remain robust and market conditions are good for a strong pipeline of transactions in 2012, says Paul Schultz of Aon Benfield Securities.

Pioneering protection


Cutting edge techniques to extract shale gas from the ground represent a breakthrough when it comes to energy supply, but specialist insurers are also needed to underwrite these risks.

Software opportunities at Lloyd's

London Market01-03-2012Francis Fortunato

The Lloyd’s Three-Year Plan 2012–2014 is designed to make the market more efficient and streamlined, and will also mean many opportunities for software providers, says Francis Fortunato.

Marine profitability: sinking or sunk?


In the wake of the Costa Concordia disaster off the coast of Tuscany, Intelligent Insurer asks whether marine profitability has only just become a sinking ship, or whether it has always been swimming with the fishes.

Beware the cost of future returns

01-03-2012Capital ManagementJohn Townley and Matthew Hutchinson

The proposed implementation of Solvency II equivalence will force Bermudian insurers to be far more proactive in terms of how they analyse and forecast their investments, say John Townley and Matthew Hutchinson.

Solvency II: the dilemma

01-03-2012Capital ManagementJim Bachman and Tobias Gummersbach

As companies grapple with the implications of Solvency II, GR-NEAM’s Jim Bachman and Tobias Gummersbach weigh up the pros and cons of standard models vs bespoke models and a ‘rules-based’ and ‘principles-based’ approach.

Showing 1081 to 1090 of 1181 results

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