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Pain relief: a challenging hard market drove the creation of Honan Re

Asia Pacific16-06-2021Commercial Insurance

The launch of Honan Re is a reminder that a hard market isn’t great news for everyone. Eliza White, the first managing director of Honan Re, describes the forces that led to the launch and why this paves the way for an international footprint.

Racehorses, spacecraft, Ronaldo’s right foot: why young talent love insurance


Insurtech, new risks and the growing involvement of the capital markets are all making the re/insurance industry more attractive to young people—and they look increasingly important to its future. Intelligent Insurer interviews and profiles a number of young executives who are tipped by their employers for success within the sector.

Looking in the wrong places: when the hunt for talent fails

London Market, UK15-06-2021

It’s time to be less obsessed with technical skills and widen the search for talent. That is according to a number of senior executives who debated this issue on a Re/insurance Lounge panel discussion organised by Intelligent Insurer.

Why experimentation—and Excel—might hold the key to success


The next generation of insurance leaders is already in the industry. To find out what they may look like, Intelligent Insurer invited a few contenders to the Re/insurance Lounge, to grill them on their careers so far and future aspirations.

Breaking down the hierarchy: why COVID-19 was a fillip for young talent

London Market, UK15-06-2021

For all the devastation, the pandemic has brought opportunities when it comes to hiring and managing talent. As the crisis recedes, the industry must ensure they’re not lost, a Re/insurance Lounge panel discussed.

Why is ESG is no longer an aspiration—it is now critical for insurers


If insurers are failing on ESG, as a recent report suggests, it’s partly because the challenges they face are more complex than for most. That was at the heart of a panel discussion organised by Intelligent Insurer.

CSR has become ESG: but the difference is a big deal for insurers


The move from CSR to ESG is more than just branding and heralds serious challenges for insurers, as a panel of experts from companies including Allianz, SiriusPoint, AM Best and PwC discussed.

Why today’s insurance companies need to be purpose-driven


A clearly defined purpose that staff and clients can rally behind is a huge asset for today’s re/insurers, as Yasir Andrabi, insurance strategy and solutions leader at global professional services firm Genpact, told Intelligent Insurer.

Life after COVID: how the pandemic will reshape life insurance

Europe02-06-2021Life Insurance

Data can help meet the industry’s needs and customers’ demands, says Brona Magee of SCOR Global Life.

Seeking the right fit: Amwins’ acquisition spree continues

North America02-06-2021Specialty Insurance

Wholesale distributor Amwins’ purchase of Worldwide Facilities brings its total to 52 acquisitions.

Showing 131 to 140 of 1478 results

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