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The Banking Report 2011: More than safekeeping


Intelligent Insurer investigates how developments in both the life and non-life insurance sectors are altering the demands being made on custodians—and how banks are responding to these changes.

The Banking Report 2011: The match makers...


The forces of consolidation remain an ongoing dynamic within the insurance and reinsurance industries, and continue to shape both sectors and companies. II investigates what support investment banks can offer to businesses during mergers and acquisitions.

The Banking Report 2011: Capital ideas


The process of raising capital is a critical one for insurers and reinsurers—the ability to do so quickly can mean the difference between seizing and missing an opportunity. Intelligent Insurer looks at the kind of support banks can provide throughout the process.

Intelligent Insurer Awards 2011

Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, MENA, North America01-09-2011

Intelligent Insurer polled thousands of insurance and reinsurance industry executives in order to establish which companies are leading the pack and deserve recognition for their accomplishments in 2011.

Speed and simplicity

01-09-2011Alternative Risk Transfer (ART), Industry Loss Warranties (ILW)

After another intense period of catastrophic losses, Intelligent Insurer examines how this has impacted on industry loss warranties and their role in today’s reinsurance market.

When brokers go under...

01-09-2011BrokingWilliam Sturge

An insurance broker going out of business can mean many complications for its clients and insurance partners. William Sturge, partner at Carter Perry Bailey, tries to navigate and make sense of the complex situations that can arise when this occurs.

A gateway to the market

Malta01-09-2011Matthew Bianchi

Dr. Matthew Bianchi describes how Malta has led the field in allowing Protected Cell Companies to flourish.

Differences of opinion


Construction and engineering represent the backbone of most countries’ economic growth. But underpinning this is the myriad of insurance and reinsurance contracts covering the risks that the sector faces.

Exposed but not at risk

Europe, Greece01-09-2011Federico Faccio

There has been much speculation as to whether insurers’ exposure to Greece should be cause for concern. Federico Faccio at rating agency Fitch gives his take on the risks for insurers and how they built up in the first place.

Earth, wind, fire (...and water)

Australia01-09-2011Jonathan Stephenson

While Australian and New Zealand perils have traditionally been eagerly sought by global re/insurers seeking diversification, a series of costly natural catastrophes in the region has forced the industry to re-evaluate these risks and seek better data.

Showing 1521 to 1530 of 1591 results

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