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Adaptable workplaces and workforces: the key to future success


Once the COVID-19 crisis has passed, the insurers that adapt and evolve will be the ones who flourish. Sameer Dewan of Genpact gives his view of the future to Intelligent Insurer.

Growing pains and teenage tantrums: watching cyber risk come of age

North America14-05-2021Cyber

As the cyber insurance market matures, it will need both standardisation and innovation to sustain its growth. But even those things won’t necessarily protect the market from some difficult times as the market develops.

Forget P&C business—add an extra C for cyber

North America14-05-2021Cyber, Property and Casualty (P&C)

As the world marches towards an increasingly interconnected future, cyber will become one of the biggest risks that companies will need to manage—and insurers will need to qualify, price and underwrite. This will mean a fundamental shifting of the portfolio mix for most insurers.

The biggest USP for many insurers


Claims departments are now key to re/insurers’ offerings, and technology is a big part of that. Liberty Specialty Markets’ Irene Stavrou discusses the company’s investments and why claims are about much more than simply paying out.

Asking the right questions about climate change


While admitting to not knowing all the answers, Hiscox Re & ILS believes that cooperation and partnerships will be vital in future to meet the challenges of climate change and to identify the opportunities for new covers and capacity.

The reality of the protection gap: why Deutsche Rück is targeting LatAm

Europe, Latin America12-05-2021

COVID-19 has exposed the harsh realities of the protection gap in Latin America and the need for ongoing support from re/insurers. With its own commitment to long-term relationships, Deutsche Rück believes it has a part to play, as Florian Kummer reveals.

COVID-19 reinsurance claims are part of a wider negotiation


While clarity is emerging around COVID-related claims for insurers, it remains unclear what claims may end up hitting reinsurers. It could simply come down to a negotiation, Wendy Kriz of Barnett Waddingham told Intelligent Insurer.

Reinsurers grapple with potential BI claims burden


While reinsurer ratings are unlikely to be affected by claims stemming from COVID-19, there are many questions that need to be answered as to who will ultimately pay, Robert Mazzuoli of Fitch Ratings told Intelligent Insurer.

Market beckons, but hesitance in some jurisdictions persists


A thriving run-off market for the year ahead is still getting mixed signals from developed and emerging economies, a report from GILC has revealed.

Balancing expectations in Bermuda and London

Bermuda, UK30-04-2021

Investors have confidence in the sector but should proceed with caution, says Catherine Thomas, senior director, analytics, at AM Best.

Showing 71 to 80 of 1404 results

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