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How to clear the fog of cyber war and terrorism insurance

Global10-08-2020Cyber, Terrorism Insurance

Digital attacks are on the rise and a number of nation states are in the frame. The global insurance industry needs to come together to find an international solution but the task is mired in complexity and differences in definition. Intelligent Insurer finds out what one global insurance taskforce is doing to bring clarity to the discussion.

How Swiss Re’s iptiQ became greater than the sum of its parts

Asia Pacific, Australasia, China, Europe, New Zealand, USA04-08-2020Life Insurance, Life Reinsurance, Non-life Insurance, Non-life Reinsurance, Property and Casualty (P&C)

Going digital is never simple, especially for individual re/insurers, but Swiss Re’s digital insurance engine has developed a model that leverages its ecosystem of partners to achieve advances that individual firms may struggle to reach on their own. Intelligent Insurer speaks to Carl Christensen, Swiss Re chief executive officer at iptiQ EMEA L&H, to find out more.

Axis Capital sees mounting rate rises for renewals as market hardening continues

Bermuda, Canada, Global, US03-08-2020Cargo, Catastrophe, Cyber, Directors and Officers (D&O), Excess & Surplus (E&S), Marine, Property and Casualty (P&C), Specialty Insurance

‘No COVID-19 impact on Q2 underwriting results’ but pandemic has hit investment income, firm reports.

Lockdown intensifies interest in AI-powered, touchless insurance

UK27-07-2020Claims, Motor re/insurance, Non-life Insurance

The pandemic has made touchless, streamlined insurance processes more important for policyholders and insurers than ever, says Jan Möhlmann, business development director for artificial intelligence (AI) specialist Tractable, ahead of a webinar on advances in this area.

Driving mid-market success through underwriting productivity


Insurers can make underwriting productivity a priority and drive tangible progress, as Richard Hartley of Cytora explains.

Meeting the cyber insurance challenge – head on

Bermuda, North America24-07-2020Cyber

AkinovA hosted its first ‘Ask The Experts’ private event and Q&A evening in May, bringing together some of the insurance, forensics, capital markets, modelling and legal industries’ leading experts on cybersecurity. Bermuda:Re+ILS summarises some of the points made at the event.

SCOR absorbs pandemic hit in H1 2020 but says ‘it’s not over yet’

Australia, Canada, Europe, Global, US24-07-2020Aviation & Aerospace, Catastrophe, Claims, Commercial Insurance, Credit Insurance, Energy & Marine, Engineering, General Insurance, General Liability, Investment Management, Liability Insurance, Life Insurance, Life Reinsurance, Marine, Non-life Insurance, Non-life Reinsurance, Political Risk and Trade Credit, Property and Casualty (P&C), Surety Insurance

CEO Kessler says COVID-19 impact on reinsurer is ‘limited’ and points to a hardening market as ‘perfect’ conditions for SCOR to prosper.

Lloyd’s optimistic outlook for 2021 is catching, despite COVID-19 threat

UK21-07-2020Life Insurance, Life Reinsurance, Managing General Agencies (MGA), Non-life Insurance, Non-life Reinsurance

As the historic market grapples with its transformation to greater digital use and the wide-ranging impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, its planned changes for business and capital in 2021 offer a degree of hope that is mirrored in the market’s apparent desire for £11 billion of new business. Intelligent Insurer reports.

In a COVID-19 world, will normal service ever be resumed?

Global16-07-2020Aviation & Aerospace, Commercial Insurance, Cyber, General Insurance, Health Insurance, Life & Health, Life Insurance, Life Reinsurance, Non-life Insurance, Non-life Reinsurance, Property and Casualty (P&C), Risk Modelling

COVID-19 disruption has been total, from mass home working to the rise of videoconferencing and the ongoing uncertainty over what is, or isn’t, allowed. How might insurers make the best of the recovery in a new reality that is still evolving? Intelligent Insurer reports.

Clarity in changing times: why Bermuda remains bullish in the aftermath of COVID-19

Bermuda15-07-2020Capital Management, General Insurance, Insurance-linked Securities (ILS), Investment Management, Life Insurance, Life Reinsurance, Non-life Insurance, Non-life Reinsurance, Property and Casualty (P&C)

Bermuda’s response to tackling the COVID-19 crisis and remaining open for business has shown the island’s worth to CEOs and investors, says Bermuda Development Agency CEO Roland Andy Burrows ahead of a webinar on the topic.

Showing 81 to 90 of 1283 results

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