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AutoRek: how to manage the data flood

UK04-07-2019Managing General Agencies (MGA)

Intelligent automation and machine learning are key to handling the large amount of data that managing general agents have to deal with every day, as Mike Kelly of AutoRek tells Intelligent Insurer.

Corporate social responsibility – make a positive change

Europe, UK03-07-2019

In a world of increased connectivity and communication, and empowered shareholders, customers and other stakeholders, every large company understands that corporate social responsibility policies are important. What this really means, and how it is implemented, varies dramatically. Intelligent Insurer investigates.

Ethical investing, make money—but be ethical too

Global, UK03-07-2019

Re/insurers’ approach to their investment portfolios varies significantly depending on their position in the market and backers. They are increasingly being forced to take a more holistic approach to this part of the business and also consider the wider implications of how their cash is invested. Intelligent Insurer investigates.

EmergIn Risk, a new approach fit for a changing landscape


The demand for global cyber cover is growing, but as the marketplace has become progressively crowded and fragmented, identifying the best solution has 
become increasingly difficult. Reza Khan and Jamie Bouloux, the leadership behind 
EmergIn Risk, explain to Intelligent Insurer how they have built an organisation prepared to offer differentiated and bespoke solutions on a global basis.

Melding Asian security and US risk

Global03-07-2019Energy & Marine, Specialty Insurance

AM Re has facilitated the introduction of Asian capacity providers to US risk a match that benefits both parties and which is going from strength to strength as a result, Shevawn Barder, the company’s chief executive, tells Intelligent Insurer.

News analysis: Lloyd’s - the need for speed

Global, London Market03-07-2019

Lloyd’s of London published a modernisation plan in May and the market’s CEO John Neal is now pushing to convince all stakeholders that change must be fast and decisive or they’ll risk losing out.

Interview with Stephen Catlin on his dramatic return

London Market, North America03-07-2019

Unenthusiastic about retirement and unfettered from his obligations to XL, Stephen Catlin has returned to the market in dramatic fashion. Here, he tells Intelligent Insurer the real motivation behind launching his new venture Convex, what will set it apart and why his timing is perfect.

Supporting brand identity

Europe02-07-2019Managing General Agencies (MGA)

Managing general agents have grasped the insurtech sector and are moving to support communities or individuals as a way to promote their brand and also to develop new product ranges. Here racing driver Esmee Hawkey discusses her role as Landmark Underwriting’s brand ambassador.

‘ILS growth ahead’: S&P

North America28-06-2019Catastrophe

A recent downswing in interest in investing in the ILS market might be reversed by new developments, according to a new S&P Global Ratings report.

Five lessons for ILW summer school

Global, North America28-06-2019Industry Loss Warranties (ILW)

Tom Johansmeyer of PCS, Verisk Insurance Solutions, considers five lessons the market will need to learn this summer.

Showing 91 to 100 of 1126 results

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