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A time to reflect


As Denis Kessler quietly celebrates 10 years at the helm of SCOR, he reflects on the remarkable turnaround he instigated at the company, ponders future opportunities and tells II that one of his biggest concerns now is that Solvency II will never be implemented.

A regulatory paradox


Some reinsurers have invested millions in preparing for Solvency II. They now find themselves in a paradox—while many still highlight flaws in the proposed regime, the worst-case scenario for many could be that the controversial bill is actually scrapped.

The attraction of syndicated loans


Insurers seeking yield are exploring new investment options. One of these is syndicated loans, which can provide an attractive alternative, as Robert Wagstaff and Aidan Canny from BNY Mellon told Intelligent Insurer.

The wild East

Emerging Markets, Russia01-10-2012

Russia presents international insurers and reinsurers with many opportunities for growth and expansion. However, those looking to hitch a ride on the back of the old bear should approach it with caution.

The great ILS debate: part 1—those in favour

Bermuda01-10-2012Alternative Risk Transfer (ART)

The rise of ILS and non-traditional sources of capacity has been the centre of much debate in the industry of late. In a two-part feature, we explore the pros, cons and opinions surrounding this market from those operating at its heart.

Reaching for the skies

Emerging Markets, Russia01-10-2012Property and Casualty (P&C)

Russia is an economy on the up, and one of the most obvious indications of that success is the construction of complex skyscrapers. A panel of insurance experts discussed the challenges of providing insurance cover to such projects.

Mutuals: a phoenix from the flames?


Mutual insurers have faced challenges in recent years but the sector is now growing again. Intelligent Insurer investigates what is driving that growth.

Shedding light on the issues

Monte Carlo01-09-2012Capital Management, Investment Management

BNY Mellon deals with three quarters of the world’s top 100 life companies and almost three quarters of the biggest non-life companies.

Surviving the storm

Bermuda, London Market01-09-2012Bancassurance, Capital Management

Insurers face a myriad of challenges at the moment in what is a demanding market environment. Intelligent Insurer speaks to the team at Barclays about some of the potential solutions to these problems.

Changing legal challenges

01-09-2012Lawsuits, Run-off

As the risks insurers and reinsurers grapple with become more complex, the industry needs more specialist legal help. Intelligent Insurer speaks to the team at law firm Patton Boggs about how they see the industry changing.

Showing 951 to 960 of 1086 results

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