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London Market 2012: The dynamics of automaton

London Market01-06-2012

As more insurers in the London Market look to invest in technology that allows them to automate certain systems internally, it could mean different processes require outsourcing. Intelligent Insurer investigates the consequences of this trend.

Heading for the rocks?

01-06-2012Life Insurance

The aim of Solvency II is to provide policyholders with greater security. However, many life insurers worry that the new rules will make it harder, not easier, for them to achieve stability. Intelligent Insurer investigates why.

Born with it


He has nothing to prove and enough money, reputation and goodwill to enjoy a very happy retirement. Yet at the age of 74, former Aon chairman Pat Ryan is doing it all again with his new company, Ryan Speciality Group.

The legal elite 2012

Bermuda, Europe, North America, UK01-06-2012

In our annual legal survey, we aim to discover which law firms and lawyers are leading the field in the insurance and reinsurance space.

London Market 2012: London's IT evolution

London Market01-06-2012Frank Fortunato

Despite perceptions that it is slow to change, the London Market has made huge leaps when it comes to technological advancements, says Frank Fortunato, chief executive of CATEX, a developer of web-based insurance and reinsurance solutions.

Breathing life into the pension market

01-06-2012Longevity Insurance

As life expectancies around the globe continue to rise, pension funds are seeking to further de-risk their books. This creates opportunities for reinsurers looking to diversify. Intelligent Insurer investigates.

Enabling agility


With Solvency II rewarding diversification in insurers, many have taken advantage of portfolio transfers to group together what were previously different businesses, thus reducing capital charges. Intelligent Insurer takes a look at the implications.

Pollution liability review: Deepwater Horizon is the trigger

01-06-2012MarineAlkistis Christofilou and William Sturge

The structure of the UK’s Pool Re could form the basis of a scheme to generate extra reinsurance capacity for marine pollution, argue Alkistis Christofilou and William Sturge.

The demise of triple-A


Intelligent Insurer travels back to a time when reinsurers could still achieve triple-A ratings and asks why this is no longer the case.

London Market 2012: Finishing what was started...

London Market01-06-2012

Most participants in the London Market would like to see it run more efficiently—but getting everyone to agree on how best to achieve this is quite another matter. Intelligent Insurer finds out more.

Showing 951 to 960 of 1063 results

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