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Playing with fire

01-03-2011Capital Management

With the worst of the financial crisis over, some insurers are now willing to take on more risk with their investments. However, following their experiences over the last few years, many are treading more carefully than before, reports Intelligent Insurer.

The end of the eurozone?

Europe01-03-2011Capital Management, Political Risk and Trade CreditBrian Lawson, Mike Simms and Rafael Gomes

After a turbulent 2010, the eurozone faces a new test—deciding its future. Brian Lawson, Mike Simms and Rafael Gomes consider several possible scenarios for the common currency and the associated risks for business.

Managing political risk in emerging markets

Emerging Markets01-03-2011Political Risk and Trade CreditEdith Quintrell

Political risk insurance is a useful though underutilised risk-mitigation tool, especially for investors in emerging markets, says Edith Quintrell.

Credit where credit's due


Despite enduring a rough ride during the credit crisis, trade credit insurance and reinsurance are still very much in demand, as the events of 2008-09 still affect supply chains globally, Intelligent Insurer reports.

A storm in the East

China, Emerging Markets01-03-2011

China presents reinsurers with both challenges and opportunities.

Blown off course

01-03-2011Alternative Risk Transfer (ART), CatastropheEddy Vanbeneden

While the quality of the data available and the sophistication of risk modelling has improved in recent years, the industry must still absorb some hard lessons on European windstorm risks and also consider alternative means of risk transfer, says Eddy Vanbeneden.

Total transparency

Chile, Emerging Markets01-03-2011Claims

Intelligent Insurer spoke to Cooper Gay about the challenges it faced in handling claims from the 2010 Chilean earthquake—an event that has been acknowledged as one of the largest insured catastrophes ever recorded outside the US.

Running to stand still


Despite a number of threats and some even greater challenges Bermuda retains its place at the heart of the international insurance community—for now. But it must remain innovative and keep fighting just to stand still.

The eye of the storm

01-03-2011Captive Insurance

While the fallout from BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill has focused the minds of many captive managers, the wider industry has seen little effect. The main areas of contention revolve around collateral levels and domicile.

A waiting game


Although the full implications of Solvency II for captive insurers in the EU are not yet clear, many believe that it could change the landscape of the European captive market. Intelligent Insurer investigates the possible implications of the new regulatory regime.

Showing 981 to 990 of 1024 results

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