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S&P faces strife & pique on tightened capital qualifications

Bermuda26-04-2022Insurance News, Reinsurance News

Bermuda insurers warn on over $1b in senior debt falling out of capital calculations.

Russia-Ukraine war likely an ‘earnings event’ for global reinsurers, capital for some

Europe, Global, Russia, Ukraine31-03-2022Insurance News, Reinsurance News, Specialty

Losses stemming from specialty lines will ‘exacerbate earnings volatility’ for global reinsurers, warns S&P.

Lloyd’s state ‘better than expected’ but faces looming challenges from Ukraine war

Europe25-03-2022Insurance News, Reinsurance News

Lloyd’s may face exposure in its credit, aviation, marine, cyber, and war/political risk books, warns S&P.

‘Small pockets’ of insurer exposure outside Russia as Ukraine conflict rages

EMEA, Global, Russia, Ukraine03-03-2022Insurance News, Reinsurance News

Regulatory ‘freeze’ offers Russian insurers a ‘reprieve’ from the worst of capital volatility.

Sanctions will hit Russian insurers’ access to international reinsurers

Europe, Global, Russia, Ukraine01-03-2022Insurance News, Reinsurance News

But Russian insurers are unlikely to hit a FX funding wall in sanctions regime.

S&P slashes ratings on three Russian insurers, places five on watch, as sanctions hit

Global, Russia, Ukraine01-03-2022Insurance News, Reinsurance News

Long positions in foreign currency helps balance major mark-to-market investment hit.

Act quickly or risk downgrade, re/insurers warned ahead of new S&P capital model

Global10-12-2021Insurance News, Reinsurance News

The best prepared and engaged re/insurers will have the best opportunity, suggest analysts.

Reinsurers now have upper hand in setting overdue rate hikes

Bermuda04-11-2021Insurance News, Reinsurance News

The CEOs of RenRe, PartnerRe & AXIS Capital say cost trends merit vigilance

Ground rules on cyber coverage need fundamental rethink, PartnerRe CEO

Bermuda04-11-2021Insurance News, Reinsurance News

Cyber is the ‘perfect business line’ for discovering too late that coverage is vague.

Global reinsurers can grab 2022 revenue growth on main line pricing, but renewal talks look ‘difficult’

Global03-11-2021Insurance News, Property cat, Reinsurance News

Reinsurers may fear nat cat underpricing to the tune of 35 to 50 percent.

Showing 1 to 10 of 301 results

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