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Big 4 reinsurers post outsized Q1 profits, double down on April renewals

Europe, Global25-05-2023Insurance News, Reinsurance News

Rising prices, portfolio rejigging and the return of investment income led to 21% Q1 ROE.

Bermuda re/insurers pad ’22 margins on trimmed cat loss: Fitch

Bermuda28-03-2023Insurance News, Reinsurance News

Supportive pricing and terms should hold in the April and mid-year reinsurance renewals.

US insurers likely had $1.16bn invested in failed banks

North America15-03-2023Insurance News, Reinsurance News

Insurers incomparable to banks given stable liability profile & solvency measures.

US auto insurers gain traction on rates, can’t break profit barrier

North America01-03-2023Insurance News, Reinsurance News

Rate trend ‘will foster a reduction in underwriting losses,’ but profits look ‘more elusive.’

Japanese insurers can’t avoid reinsurance hikes after ‘22 nat cat: Fitch

Japan07-02-2023Insurance News, Property cat, Reinsurance News

Japanese cedents will either take it on the margins or against their foreign operations.

Bermuda reinsurers can take rate on pace to pad margins in ’23: Fitch

Bermuda24-01-2023Insurance News, Reinsurance News

The newly arrived ‘true hard market’ will hold through mid-year renewals at least.

1.1 renewals pricing & terms to boost reinsurer margins 4pps in 2023: Fitch

Global11-01-2023Insurance News, Reinsurance News

Cat bond primary market could be the first real ray of hope on the capacity side.

Florida reforms bear long-term gain, leave short-term pain: Fitch

Florida, North America23-12-2022Insurance News, Property cat, Reinsurance News

Florida-focused carriers remain in reinsurance bind; what they can’t fund, taxpayers will.

US P&C insurer profits to stabilise and ‘modestly improve’ in 2023: Fitch

North America12-12-2022Insurance News, Reinsurance News

P&C insurers have benefited from a conservative overall approach to loss reserving: Fitch.

London market tops UK insurer peers in claims-beating pricing power

UK29-11-2022Insurance News, Reinsurance News

UK company insurers choking on the regulatory leash as inflation races ahead: Fitch

Showing 1 to 10 of 337 results

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