Allianz and Deutsche Telekom join forces on cyber


Allianz and Deutsche Telekom have joined forces to launch digital services for retail and corporate customers. This includes a cyber security partnership which will see the development of integrated solutions for damage prevention, network security and risk management.

The demand for security solutions among corporate clients is higher than ever before, as recent studies conducted by Allianz and Deutsche Telekom – the 2014 Allianz Risk Barometer and the Deutsche Telekom Security Report – confirm.

Allianz said that the partnership will provide major customers and small and medium-sized enterprises with the first ever end-to-end cyber security solution.

For retail customers, Allianz and Deutsche Telekom are collaborating on the development of digital "connected home" services initially in Germany, but with plans for roll-out in other European countries at a later date.

An integrated solution consisting of technology, assistance services and insurance will allow customers to monitor their own home using sensor technology and their smartphones.

Platforms such as QIVICON, and the mobile SureNow insurance portal developed by Telekom's Innovation Laboratories, the company's central research and innovation organisation, will be used. At Allianz, the new Allianz Worldwide Partners business unit is spearheading the development of service and insurance components.

“Our customers are making more and more use of digital technology in their day-to-day lives. We want to create a seamless package by integrating our services, such as advice, insurance cover and damage repair, to make their lives easier,” says Christof Mascher, member of the board of management of Allianz SE who is responsible for Allianz Worldwide Partners and Operations.“Digitalisation allows us to offer innovative services that will bring us closer to our customers than ever before.”

Reinhard Clemens, Telekom board member, said: “Telekom invested in new technology and cloud-based solutions early on. This commitment to innovation is now paying off. Cutting-edge digital business areas such as connected insurance services can only be tapped into if we use the expertise of both partners. Together, we can develop service-oriented, secure offerings that neither partner could implement on their own.”

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