Allianz moves to grow casualty offering portfolio


Allianz Commercial has moved to grow its portfolio across casualty lines by revitalising its excess of loss product.
Allianz says the new offering will allow brokers to buy higher limits of indemnity than their current liability insurer may be willing to provide, allowing them to top-up the total level of cover.
The firm can now offer excess employers, public and products liability, and 6.5.1 cover. Policies can be tailored for one-off projects, short term contracts or written as an annual policy.
As part of the refresh, Allianz has empowered all of its branch property and casualty underwriters to trade excess of loss policies at a local level and has made changes to the underwriting process, in order to make it quicker and easier for brokers to do business. Policyholders will also have access to Allianz’s claims experts in its major loss team.
Allianz has also significantly extended its list of approved primary insurers, in addition to developing policy level clauses to minimise any contract certainty issues and to reduce the administrative burden imposed on brokers.
“We believe that with the growth of personal injury claims in the UK, the need to ensure that all businesses have sufficient levels of liability cover has never been greater,” said Stuart Toal, casualty account manager at Allianz Commercial.
“Contractual requirements frequently demand significant levels of liability insurance, and can impose additional responsibilities on the insured. We believe that both small and large businesses need to be thinking about these risks.
“In light of this, we have significantly broadened our underwriting appetite in this space, as part of our ambition to grow our casualty portfolio. By refreshing our excess of loss products, we have made our underwriting process slicker, which we believe will allow us to grow our business in this area.”

Allianz Commercial, Stuart Toal, Europe

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