Armature expands into integrated risk management software market


Armature Solutions, a provider of accreditation management software, has launched a set of software solutions designed to address critical issues in integrated risk management (IRM).

The company’s software platform, Armature Fabric, now supports a broad range of functions to help organisations optimise performance, build resilience, manage compliance and minimise risk.

Rising demand for IRM programmes motivated Armature to develop ways to support key risk management areas, such as operational audit management, compliance management, supplier management, and quality management.

“Given the significant global change that has happened in the last 12 months, organisations are increasingly aware of the importance of performance, resilience, assurance, and risk management,” said Dave McTaggart, Armature CEO.

“Our software platform helps customers better understand their risk and compliance landscape—providing improved visibility and controls to support more informed risk-based decisions.”

Armature Fabric aims to enable companies to capture data, automate workflows, apply risk-scoring methodologies, and manage issues quickly and effectively. The software platform comes pre-packaged with extensive out-of-the-box functionality that can be tailored to address customer-specific needs.

It has a modern, flexible API for easy integration, personal productivity tools, multilingual capabilities, and supports remote working.

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