Ironshore launches dedicated cyber emergency response team


Ironshore has launched what it has called a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) comprised of cyber claims coordinators representing each specialty lines division tasked with managing cyber claims across all product lines.

CERT-Ironshore will be led by director Howard Panensky reporting to Mike Mitrovic, Ironshore global claims officer.

CERT-Ironshore will provide insureds a single point of contact for cyber risk claim coordination and collaboration. Its coordinators will offer technical advice and support in response to cyber security incidents and third-party expertise will be available to policyholders at pre-negotiated Ironshore rates.

“CERT-Ironshore reflects our commitment to promoting cyber security situational awareness throughout its entire specialty product lines platform,” said Kurtis Suhs, cyber senior vice president.

Mitrovic added: “In the event of a cyber-related claim, policyholders will benefit from a coordinated claims strategy by accessing coordinators and resources with cyber claims handling expertise. Howard’s first-hand knowledge and understanding of the complexities of cyber claims will be invaluable in leading CERT-Ironshore.”

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