JLT partners with STARR on PI drive


London broker JLT Specialty has entered into partnership with STARR Companies to bring new capacity to the professional indemnity (PI) market for solicitors in the UK.

STARR Companies is the global brand of a number of insurance entities owned by the investment company CV Starr, the chairman and CEO of which is Hank Greenberg, the former AIG boss.

JLT currently brokers for small solicitors firms employing up to three people. Under the agreement, JLT will broker for firms with up to ten employees.

Colin Buchanan, head of casualty at STARR, said: "We have from the beginning been excited at the proposition of working with JLT Specialty, an experienced team and leading brand, to bring an alternative to the market for those better managed law firms.

“Although STARR are new to writing England and Wales primary solicitors business we have an experienced team in this area and is one that I have personally had a long involvement in."

Mike Perry, partner in JLT Specialty's solicitors' PI practice, said: "From the outset STARR have agreed that we need to provide a personalised quote based on a real assessment of each individual risk profile and we will respond to all new enquiries within 48 hours."

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